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Unisex Upper Back Straightener

396 Ratings
Original price $45.98
Original price $45.98 - Original price $57.98
Original price $45.98
Current price $22.99
$22.99 - $28.99
Current price $22.99
Size: S

Achieve better posture and relieve back pain with our Unisex Upper Back Straightener.

Designed for individuals with poor posture or those seeking to improve their form, this straightener is a game-changer.

Putting on and adjusting our upper back straightener is hassle-free.
Whether you spend long hours at a desk or engage in physical activities, our back straightener provides the necessary support and alignment to promote proper posture and alleviate discomfort.


  • Alleviates Back Pain: Poor posture often leads to back pain and discomfort. Our straightener provides the necessary support to alleviate strain on your back muscles, relieving pain and promoting a more comfortable daily experience.

  • Comfortable Design: We understand the importance of comfort, especially when it comes to wearing a back straightener for extended periods. Our unisex design features adjustable straps and a comfortable fit that molds to your body, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience.

  • Sports: Suitable for exercise and fitness enthusiasts, our back straightener supports your back during physical activities.

Size Chart:

Size Waist (In) Height (In) Weight (Ib)
S-M 27-37 4'11"-5'7" 110-170
L-XL 35-43 5'7"-6'3" 165-220