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Acupuncture Reflexology Socks

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Option: Men
Size (Inches): 13.4

Elevate your routine with these Acupuncture Reflexology Socks. Designed to map out key pressure points on your-feet, these socks provide a convenient guide to explore reflexology techniques at home. Perfect for those interested in holistic-health practices, these socks are both educational and functional.

Product Information:

  • Material: Made from a soft, fabric blend for all-day comfort.
  • Special Features: Detailed anatomical design that highlights major pressure points linked to various body parts.
  • Technical Specifications: Clearly printed labels for easy reference during use.
  • Shape: Anatomically correct to align with the natural shape of the foot.
  • Pattern: Intricate printed pattern depicting reflexology points for targeted relief.
  • Design: Open-toe design to allow easy access to toes and better fit.

The detailed labels on the socks provide an easy guide to identify the correct pressure points for effective reflexology sessions.